The Steering Committee of the Monsanto Tribunal decided that the costs incurred in the organisation and running of the Tribunal should be financed by the citizens of the world and by civil society organisations. Indeed, the Steering Committee believes that the defense of the safety of the planet and its inhabitants is the concern of all people!

This is why the Steering Committee launched a large crowdfunding platform.

Each person, whether he or she lives in Africa, North or South America, Europe, Asia or Australia, is invited to contribute to this exceptional crowdfunding initiative to ensure that the funds are secured in time for the organisation and running of the Monsanto Tribunal, on the 14 to 16 October 2016 in The Hague (Netherlands). For now, the Tribunal's budget is estimated at half a million euros.

For those who do not have access to online payment means, the committee recommends organizing a collection of funds in the most remote parts of the world, in the countryside or in the city, by approaching a supportive NGO or trade union, an association, or a partner of this initiative, in order to make a financial contribution to the organization of the Tribunal.

The funds raised will go to the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation, headquartered in Amsterdam. Through its commitment to transparent, ethical and exemplary governance, the Steering Committee will exercise its utmost vigilance to ensure the proper use of money given to the Foundation. For more information click here.

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